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Presenter guidelines


  • All accepted Conference papers will be presented as posters at the conference. One author must register to the conference and present the work, otherwise the poster will be removed from the program

  • Satellite event organizers will signify acceptance and presentation formats for their individual events directly to authors.


    • Conference posters can be mounted at any time starting Sunday 10 Sept 2017 at 07h00 (7:00AM) and taken down Thursday 14 Sept 2017. They must be up during conference days (11-13 Sept 2017);

    • Sunday 10 Sept satellite event posters may be mounted starting 07h00 (7:00AM) on Sunday 10 Sept 2017 and must be taken down by Tuesday 12 Sept at 10h30 AM (10:30AM);

    • Thursday 14 satellite event posters maybe mounted starting Tuesday 12 Sept 2017 at 14h30 (2:30PM) and must be taken down by end of day Thursday 14.

    • We are hoping these extended viewing hours will benefit the whole community in seeing your work for longer, with more people than simply those attending your workshop! 

  • During the assigned poster session, one of the authors must present the paper at the poster.

  • Posters left behind by presenters will be discarded.


  • Conference posters will be numbered sequentially (i.e. 001 to 255). Poster numbers are shown in the Program.

  • Satellite posters will be numbered sequentially, and prefixed by the letter "W" (i.e. W001 to W279). Blocks of numbers will be given to satellite events organizers, who will see fit to assign authors their own poster numbers.

  • The maximum poster size for MICCAI 2017 is 90cm (35.43 in) x 175cm (68.9 in)(Width by Height) (* this is a correction from earlier width *). The format should be Portrait.

  • This is the same whether it is a Satellite event poster or a Conference poster.

  • You may wish to prevail yourselves of our poster printing and exhibit service. For 95$CAN, our supplier TopExpo will (a) print your poster; and (b) put your poster up for you on Sunday 10 Sept 2017. All you need then is show up and present! No more hassles, lost luggage, and other problems. To access this service, deal directly with TopExpo by filling out this request form. Posters MUST be in by 29 August 2017.

  • This service is accessible to Satellite event as well as Conference presenters.


  • Each oral presentation is allocated a 15 minutes slot.

  • Actual talks must not exceed 12 minutes, leaving 2-3 minutes for questions.

  • Timing will be strictly enforced.

  • Please make sure that you have rehearsed the timing of your talk beforehand.

  • Each oral presentation will also have an associated poster presentation, therefore, additional details can be given at that time.


  • The preferred formats are Apple Keynote, MS PowerPoint and Adobe PDF.

  • Presenters will be required to use the conference system to minimize setup time.

  • Please prepare your slides in 16:9 ratio aspect.

  • We suggest bringing a copy of all the files including movies on a USB key. If you are including videos in your presentation, it is highly recommended you use a standard codec such as Microsoft Video 1 to avoid playback issues. Using the Package for CD option from PowerPoint will ensure all media files are copied into one location and file paths are adjusted inside the presentation.

  • A PDF version of the slides should be put by the presenters on their respective Jujama entry. 

  • There will be a Speaker ready room available to test your presentation beforehand.

  • All Conference speakers MUST upload their presentations the DAY before their talk at our Speaker ready room

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