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Connect with Jujama

Welcome to Jujama, a members only networking application for the participants of the MICCAI 2017 event. This powerful app brings the event to your mobile device and allows you to:

  • Create and maintain a public profile (you can even download your full LinkedIn profile);

  • Select your satellite events - workshops, challenges and tutorials;

  • Book your presence to social events, including those organized by the Student Society;

  • Manage a personalized schedule of event sessions and meetings;

  • Access to event documentation, such as posters and manuscripts;

  • Request meetings with other members;

  • Send private in-app messages to other members;

  • Receive important updates and announcements from the MICCAI 2017 Organizing committee;

  • Discover what's around you (restaurants, bars, coffee shops, etc);

  • Provide feedback to organizers and presenters via chats, surveys, votes, likes, and more; and

  • Continue networking after the event from the app or the companion website

For more information on how to create your profile, check out the Jujama user guide here. There are also informational videos online, so go to CONNECT.JUJAJA.COM/MICCAI2017 and get started!

Please note that Jujama will be the preferred medium of communication while on site. We strongly encourage you to download the mobile application and/or to visit the Jujama platform often during the event. The printed program will only contain the most basic information.

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